Kverneland 3332 FT - 3332 FR - 3336 FT - 3336 FR

Ново поколение дискова косачка с кондиционер за преден навес. Със SemiSwing стоманени палци или ролков кондиционер.

Косачките се предлагат в работна ширина от 3.18 или 3.57 м

Ново поколение дискови косачки с кондиционер за предно монтиране.

Серията Kverneland 3300F е идеалната комбинация от точна концепция на окачването и нови, удобни функции за оператора. Серията е проектирана, така че да отговори на изискванията на земеделските производители. Kverneland 3300F разполага с триизмерно окачване ProLink, което осигурява отлично копиране на терена и страхотна защита на работните дискове.


• Работна ширина: 3,18 и 3,57 м;

• Кондиционер: SemiSwing палци или Chevron ролков кондиционер;

• Окачване ProLink с триизмерно копиране на терена;

• Косачките са лесни за поддръжка с фокус към комфорта на оператора;

• Двойно регулиране на кондиционера за перфектно настройване;

• Вградено регулиране на височината на окачването;

• Новa, самонастройващa се система за промяна на ширината на откоса.


Технитечески характеристики:

  Работна ширина Брой работни дискове Кондиционер Минимална мощност за агрегатиране  
3332 FT 3.16м 8 кръгли диска SemiSwing стоманени палци 60/80 kW/к.с
3332 FR 3.16м 9 кръгли диска Ролков кондиционер 60/80 kW/к.с
3336 FT 3.57м 9 кръгли диска SemiSwing стоманени палци 66/90 kW/к.с
3336 FR 3.57м 9 кръгли диска Ролков кондиционер 66/90 kW/к.с

ProLink Suspension Concept

  • ProLink 3-dimensional suspension concept for excellent ground tracking.
  • Very responsive and durable suspension concept with two largely designed suspension spring for excellent stability and even ground pressure.
  • Flexible adaptation range of 250mm downwards and 420mm upwards.
  • Transverse adaptation range of 24º.
  • Generous headland clearance of 420mm.

Protection of Cutterbar

  • The Kverneland ProLink suspension concept provides maximum protection of the cutterbar during operation. If hitting a stone or foreign obstacle, a three-fold action takes place simultaneously.
  • 1. The cutterbar will move back and up, due to the geometry of the suspension.
  • 2. Tension in the ground pressure springs increases, adding additional lift to the mowing section, which helps to clear the obstacle.
  • 3. The angle of the cutterbar repositions from 4° downwards to horizontal, for better clearance of the obstacle

Stubble Height Adjustment

  • Stubble height adjustment is conveniently integrated directly into the suspension linkage for quick and accurate setting of cutting height.
  • There is no need to tilt the A-frame of the tractor

Beyond Operator Comfort

• Kverneland 3300F features a host of new improvements to bring operator comfort to a higher level.
• Easy access to cutterbar for routine maintenance and service inspections. Complete front hood opens to a 90º positon.
• When the front hood is lifted up, it stays in position by a hydraulic damper.
• The complete mower is designed for easy servicing and the low maintenance PTO shaft only requires one seasonal greasing.
• One touch parking handle, to lock and prepare the mower for dismounting.
• The new parking foot is easily activated and keeps the mower in a level position when parked – ready for quick remounting.

Dual Adjustment of Conditioner Plate

  • Kverneland 3332 FT and 3336 FT offer dual adjustment of the conditioner plate.
  • The conditioner plate can be adjusted at both front and rear ends to provide full adaptability of the conditioner to crop intensity.
  • The plate can be set at 5 different positions at the front and 5 different positions at the rear.
  • When mowing high and intensive first cut crop you can chose to open up completely at the front and rear end, to allow the massive amount of material to pass through without blockages.

Swath Plates

  • built-in, guided swath plates are standard.
  • Changing from spreading to swathing or adjusting the swath width to crop conditions is done in seconds.
  • The swath plates automatically expand when being slid inwards, to support efficient and accurate swathing and there is no need to dismount them to achieve full width spreading.

Excellent Visibility

  • Compact design for good overview during transport and operation.
  • Even when lifted for transport, the Kverneland 3300F series provides excellent visibility to the front.
  • Hydraulic folding of FlexProtect guards are available (optional).

Cutterbar with Round Discs

  • Kverneland uses round discs. Round discs are less susceptible to stone impact, and reduce shock loads in the transmission.
  • Stones are expelled immediately, before they have any chance of becoming jammed. The benefits are lower repair and maintenance costs - at the same time as a clean and aggressive cut.
  • The cutterbar has a high oil capacity, ensuring a very low working temperature. This ensures an efficient oil cooling and lubrication of the entire cutterbar.
  • The long curved gear wheels running in oil provides a very quiet and reliable power transmission.
  • The fully welded cutterbar gives a very stiff and strong design for high durability.
  • With the ProFit quick knife change system, maintenance of the cutting ability is easy. The knives are changed by one simple operation using the special lever.

SemiSwing Conditioner

Even More Efficient Conditioning

The new conditioner plate can be adjusted at both front and rear ends to customize the conditioner to crop intensity. The front end is adjusted separately to suit the crop intensity, even for massive crop, to avoid any blockages. Rear end is adjusted to ensure smooth and efficient crop flow into swaths or wide wide spreading.

Steel Tine Conditioner

Utilizing centrifugal force is what makes the Kverneland SemiSwing conditioner stand out among other conditioning systems.  It offers an aggressive conditioning effect while still offering excellent tine protection and virtually no wear and tear.  During operation tines will stay in a fixed position, providing full conditioning with minimum wear.