Kverneland Optima TFprofi

Прикачна рама – ниска теглителна сила и максимална производителност

Optima TFprofi предлага перфектна комбинация от висока производителност и намалени изисквания за мощност на трактора. Хидравлично сгъващата се прикачна рама с осем HD реда е оборудвана с бункер за тор с капацитет 2,000 литра.

Optima TFprofi е оборудвана с хидравлично или механично задвижван вентилатор и може да се използва дори с трактор с мощност от само 80 к.с. Не е необходим повдигащ капацитет.

Бункерът за тор може да се пълни лесно с помощта на челен товарач, с „big bags” или предлагания като опция шнек за пълнене. Предлагат се различни колтъри за приложение на тор. Като опция се предлага и вариант с електрохидравлично задвижване на апликатора за тор.

Комбинирането на Optima с iXtra LiFe позволява прилагане на течен тор по време на сеитба. Повече информация може да намерите при продукта iXtra LiFe.


  • Компактна и разбираема конструкция
  • Ниско изискване за мощност
  • Висока производителност до 50 дка/час
  • Доказал своите качества изсяващ апарат с богат избор на оборудване
  • Удобно свързване и голяма маневреност
  • Компактен и бърз на пътя

Технически спецификации

Working width/transport width  6m/2.98m 6.4m / 3.4m  
Number of rows 8 HD sowing units 8 HD sowing units  
Row width (cm) 70/75 80  

Optima TFprofi- new frame

The Optima TFprofi offers constant seeding depth control and high frame stability.

Convenient coupling and great manoeuvrability

As standard the TFprofi is equipped with a CAT3N cross shaft. Thus the pivot point lies substantially behind the tractor tyres. This brings two advantages for the driver. Firstly turning at angles of up to 90° are possible, secondly the Optima TFprofi follows the tractor tracks in curves. The fan is assembled on the cross shaft. Thus the pto shaft is always straight and the wearing of the universal joints is minimized.

Four wheel chassis for maximum stability

The Optima TFprofi can be equipped with four landwheels as an option. They carry the machine during work and half the ground pressure both in work and on the headlands.

The landwheels are fully floating; thanks to an intelligent hydraulic system that allows the wheels to follow the ground contours individually. All four hydraulic cylinders are of dual chamber design. The upper part of the machine cylinder is for the lifting and lowering of the machine. The lower chamber is connected to the adjacent cylinder, to enable the cylinders to counterbalance each other. This allows the landwheels to follow the ground contours individually (by as much as 15cm in either direction) which guarantees the same constant pressure on all wheels. At the same time when working in rough conditions frame movements are reduced by 50%. This results in improved smoothness of ride, even at higher working speeds of up to 12km/h.

Comfort on the road

To prepare the TFprofi for road transport, the driver simply starts the folding process directly from the tractor cab. The wing sections are hydraulically swung to the front of the machine next to the drawbar. The transport width is 2.98m only (3.40m at 80cm row width). A maximum transport speed of 40 km/h is possible even with a 3/4 filled hopper when equipped with the optional pneumatic or hydraulic brake system.

HD-II sowing unit

For mulch and conventional sowing

  • Optimal depth control even under extreme conditions, due to the heavy basic weight of the sowing unit with the possibility to add additional pressure (up to 100kg) onto each individual sowing unit via the spring-loaded system.
  • Effective ground contour following, due to the large lateral depth control by open gauge wheels (Ø410mm, width 120mm).
  • Precise seed placement by the small coulter which forms a clean furrow. Light re-compaction and seed covering is done by the intermediate press wheel (as option: heavy stainless steel) and the multi-adjustable V-press wheel – to ensure maximum field emergence.

Seeding heart without seals for HD-II

  • The patented seeding heart by Kverneland has reduced maintenance costs to a minimum.
  • No friction, no wear, low drive torque, minimum maintenance: The seed disc rotates in the seeding heart together with the vacuum chamber. This seeding drum is connected to the vacuum fan via a hollow shaft.
  • This seed heart principal results in no loss of vacuum, and therefore a low vacuum requirement

Optima SX high speed sowing unit

Up to 18km/h for utmost efficiency

  • Optimum depth control due to the heavy basic weight of the sowing unit with the possibility to add additional pressure (up to 100kg) onto each individual sowing unit via spring-loaded system.
  • Effective ground contour following due to the large depth control by open gauge wheels (⌀410mm, with 120mm)
  • Precise seed placement by the small coulter which forms a clean furrow. Good placement, and seed covering is done by the smooth flexible intermediate press wheel and multi-adjustable V-press wheel.

Seeding heart – Optima SX

  • With the pressurized seeding heart, the seeds are “shot” by an airstream of up to 70kph into the furrow. A smooth, flexible intermediate press wheel catches and protects the delicate seeds. Any negative impact such as vibration on the way between release point and soil contact are eliminated due to the high air stream.
  • The seeds reach their perfect position in the soil. Each sowing row is electrically powered by ISOBUS connection. An additional generator or other power sources are not required. The complete power supply and control is via ISOBUS.

Optima e-drive II

e-drive II – complete control and monitoring of the machine from the tractor cab in accordance with ISOBUS standard

  • With e-drive II, each sowing unit is driven individually via an electric motor.
  • The low-maintenance drive is connected directly to the seeding heart via a toothed belt in an encapsulated dust proof housing.
  • This enable an extremely compact design and smooth drive characteristics with low current consumption
  • All the data is entered and read out via an ISOBUS terminal like IsoMatch Tellus PRO or Tellus GO.
  • The sowing distances are infinitely adjustable and can be changed during sowing.
  • All the sowing units can be switched off individually.
  • In conjunction with “close row” sowing widths of 37.5cm a further benefit of the e-drive II comes into play: Individual tramline switching. Tramlines can be set up for any spray width.
  • The e-drive II features complete electronic monitoring of all machine functions including seed monitoring via an opto sensor.

Optima TFprofi - Fertilizer Placement

The new fertiliser hopper has a capacity of 2,000l. The wide opening of nearly 3m enables the filling with front loader or big bags. An optional filling auger is also available.

The dosing units can, as an option, be driven electro-hydraulically. This is controlled and monitored via ISOBUS. The electro-hydraulic drive of the metering device enables constant adaptation of the application rate during work (as well as via application charts with GEOCONTROL). In addition the exact switching on/off at headlands is also possible. 

The fertiliser dosing is done by two quad outlet dosing units. Each row comes with its own air support to ensure the steady conveyance of high amounts of fertiliser especially when working on hillsides.

Another option is that the fertiliser hopper can be placed on 4 weigh cells for a constant control and monitoring of the application rate. Prior to operation, the amount of fertiliser required for the job can be filled into the hopper and can be adjusted to what is really needed.

For contractors whose machines work for several customers, a further advantage is the possibility to invoice the fertiliser used accurately to the kilogram.


IsoMatch GEOCONTROL - Cost saving with immediate payback 

Seeding with GPS and GEOCONTROL in combination with an electric driven precision drill is a major step towards precision and cost saving. These machines are all equipped with ISOBUS technology which with the help of the IsoMatch Tellus terminal, can be easily controlled. 

Each electric driven seeding element, in combination with GPS and GEOCONTROL, is automatically switched on or off in exactly the right place, ensuring there is no overlap with any row that has already been seeded. This is especially handy in triangular fields, on curved or irregular shaped headlands. 

More information about ISOBUS Intelligence

ISOBUS Intelligence - GEOSEED - Optima

GEOSEED - Precision at high end

GEOSEED is offered in two different levels:

GEOSEED Level 1 is the synchronization in the machines working width. This improves the distribution of seeds up to perfection in parallel or diamond pattern: Positive effects are the best use of nutrients, water and sun. Also the wind and water erosion is decreased.

GEOSEED Level 2 is the synchronization in the whole field. This is the necessary requirement for interrow cultivation, also across the seeding direction. GEOSEED is the only system in the world, that makes this mechanic weeds control possible!