Kverneland Ecomat

Ефективност при плитка оран

6-8 работни органа

Kverneland Ecomat, революционна концепция за обработка на почвата

Kverneland Ecomat е леко устройство, което обработва почвата изключително ефективно чрез плитка оран (10 – 18 см). Предлагат се нови къси тела от стомана или пластмаса за по-бавно износване.

В сравнение с конвенционалната почвообработка, фермерът спестява време и енергия. Резултатът: същата добра реколта с по-малко усилия. В сравнение със системата за минимални почвообработки, фермерът разполага с по-сигурен и стабилен метод за култивиране за по-добри резултати. Минимизират се проблемите, свързани с плевелите, плесента и други болести. Намалява се зависимостта от атмосферните условия и фермерът може да работи дори и когато почвата е относително влажна. Семената поникват по-добре в чист и фин почвен слой.

Сравнение с минималните почвообработки:


•пести време

•по-добра почвоподготовка

•подобрена структура на почвата

•по-малко проблеми, свързани с плевели, плесен и други болести

•намаляване до минимум на използването на химикали

•по-добър растеж

•по-висока рентабилност

Работен капацитет:

•работна ширина: 4,00 м

•работна скорост: 8 - 12 км/ч

•капацитет при подготовка на почвено легло: 25 - 35 дка/ч

• капацитет в стърнище: 30 - 40 дка/ч

Многофункционално работно устройство с доказан икономически ефект.

Работна ширина:

Еко оран: 14 - 18 см

Еко почвообработка: 8 - 14 см

Еко стърнища: 6 - 8 см

Технически спецификации:

Брой работни органи
5 6 7 8
Работна ширина  1.50 - 2.50 m 1,80 - 3,00 m 2,10 - 3,50 m 2,40 - 4,00 m
Работна ширина на работния орган 30 - 50 cm (12"-20") 30 - 50 cm (12"-20") 30 - 50 cm (12"-20") 30 - 50 cm (12"-20")
Работна дълбочина 6 - 18 cm 6 - 18 cm 6 - 18 cm 6 - 18 cm
Просвет между работните органи 65 cm 65 cm 65 cm 65 cm
Просвет под гредата 72 cm 72 cm 72 cm 72 cm

Vari-Width® (Variomat) System

Stepless Vari-width® system for infinite adjustments of working width. Kverneland’s world patented system is available either with hydraulic or mechanical furrow adjustments.


  • Easy variation of ploughing capacity
  • Perfect match at all time between tractor capacity, implement and soil conditions
  • Time saving: up to 30% more capacity
  • Cost saving: up to 18% reduction in fuel consumption in relation with increased ploughing capacity
  • Better work: plough up to the hedges, fences, trees and ditches
  • Minimum wear: unique non-wearing linkage joint between the beams and the mainframe section
  • Perfect line of pull at all time. Kverneland’s Vari-width offers the correct parallel linkage along the whole plough. Therefore, lower draft requirement, minimum wear and tear.



Unbeatable in stony conditions !

Kvernelands fully automatic non-stop Auto-Reset System is unbeatable when it comes to trouble-free ploughing in stony conditions. The clever multi-leaf spring system allows the plough legs to release over stones and other solid objects in a smooth and efficient manner. This avoids sudden jolts and possible damage. Once the obstruction is passed, the plough body automatically returns to the correct ploughing depth.

Safety compliance

With today's demands for higher output, both tractor and plough are expected to perform quicker than ever. This makes more arduous demands on the equipment, particularly on the safety systems designed to protect tractors, ploughs and drivers against the dangers encountered whenever the plough meets hidden obstructions in the ground. The Kverneland Auto-Reset system guaranties this safety high standars requirements.

Adaptable to varying soil conditions

Depending of the type of soil all Kverneland ploughs can be equipped with different leaf springs packages. For soft soils, a normal spring with 5 leaves is the best choice to obtain the perfect ploughing in stony conditions. Today, most Kverneland ploughs are delivered with the Heavy Duty springs package (HD) with 7 leaves. This will perform well in most conditions. If the soil is very hard and stony - a double leaf spring package is recommended.

Extra leaves when needed

The standard Auto-Reset system includes 7 Kverneland heat treated springs (640Kp).
For heavier to extreme soil conditions, extra leaf springs are added for up to 1400kp.
The leaves are easily fixed with one central bolt only.

Individual body release !

The Kverneland mechanical Auto-Reset system enables very plough body to release independently. A quality ploughing is therefore guaranteed. 

Minimum wear and high second hand value

Kverneland's Auto-Reset System is a quite simple construction that withstands the punishing forces year in, year out, with a minimum of maintenance. Save time and money !
Moreover, the Kverneland auto-reset system guarantees a longer life to the plough. When hitting an obstacle, the pressure on the point, frame, plough parts, decreases. The stress on Kverneland ploughs is therefore reduced. Consequently, second hand Kverneland ploughs  sell at  a higher value than competitors ploughs.
*by using an Hydraulic system, pressure would increase

Heat Treatment

Kverneland Heat Treatment Technology:

  • more than 140 years of experience
  • steels that withstand the toughest of conditions
  • best robustness/weight ratio on the market
  • for equivalent robustness, competitors would add more steel and therefore more weight, quicker wear, dissappointing ploughing results

Kverneland Steels:

  • Benefits from less weight:
    easier to pull/lower fuel consumption/lower lift requirement/reduced wear and stress for the tractor/more economical …
  • Benefits from more resistance:
    minimum breakage/less maintenance/lower rotation for wearing parts/time saving/highest 2nd hand plough value/longer life for the plough/more economical…

Problems always happen when the plough is being used, when the work must be done!

A Kverneland plough is a peace mind!

More info: Kverneland Technology