Kverneland FastBale - The professional solution to baling and wrapping

If your business is baling and wrapping, you’ll quickly recognize the gains in productivity that working non-stop can bring. FastBale eliminates the stop-start operation associated with traditional machines.

Compare the time spent stationary every day with a traditional baler, and the time saved by FastBale really is a revelation. 

Massive intake capacity
With its unique twin bale chamber design FastBale does not just work non-stop. While designing FastBale, Kverneland engineers redefined the standard for professional baling and wrapping in other areas as well. A huge 800mm diameter intake rotor provides unrivalled intake capacity. Closely mounted to the wide 2.2m twin cam track pick-up, efficient crop transport is assured in even the shortest crops, while the patented compact internal drive means pick-up wheels don’t need to be folded between jobs.



Innovative wrapping system


A fresh look at wrapping systems has yielded even more advantages. No transfer system is required, with the bale simply rolling onto the wrapper, while there is no risk of losing a bale over the back even working on the steepest slopes. Discharge of the wrapped bale is super gentle, while a compact bale turner that deposits the bale while on the move provides further productivity gains.

15. May 2017