Kverneland Unveils Next Level Mowing with GEOMOW for its 10m Butterfly Combination

GEOMOW unlocks the full potential of the Kverneland 53100 MT Vario. The all-new Kverneland GEOMOW application delivers automatic adjustment of overlap between rear and front mowers and automatic headland lift via section control, adding up to 10% increase in productivity. 

GEOMOW ensures the mower is always utilising its maximum capacity. GEOMOW constantly recognises the line the tractor is driving in and hence always knows the position of the front mower, allowing it to instantly react and adjust overlap of the rear mowing units. The mowing job is done right the first time, every time, with a potential 10% increase in productivity, by always mowing at maximum working width.

How GEOMOW Works
When mowing on flat and even terrain the mowing units are working with a minimum overlap to reach up to 10.2m effective mowing width.

When mowing around corners, GEOMOW automatically detects the changed position of the front mower and in due course compensates by increasing the overlap, leaving no uncut plots and stripes behind. If the corner is too tight for the mowing units to compensate, the driver automatically gets a warning signal on the terminal.

When working on slopes, with the tractor drifting, GEOMOW immediately compensates by automatically increasing overlap between front and rear mowing units. 

Mower conditioners - Kverneland 53100 MT, butterfly mower combination with QuattroLink suspension concept

Section control - Control the Headland
GEOMOW includes section control for automatic headland operation. When reaching the end of the field, the front mower is automatically raised as it hits already cut grass on headlands, and the rear units are automatically lifted as well, at exactly the right time. The driver can concentrate fully on turning as quick and efficiently as possible. The same goes when reaching the unmown grass, the front and rear mowing units lower at exactly the right time. 

11. December 2017