Kverneland iXtrack T3

For farmers, made by farmers 

The iXtrack T3 is the new trailed sprayer from Kverneland which will be launched at Agritechnica 2017 in Hanover (DE). With its smart, compact design and volumes of 2600 and 3200 litres in combination with high technology features the iXtrack T3 fulfils the requirements of farmers spraying today and tomorrow!

Short and Compact – an Optimised Design
“The iXtrack T3 is developed in cooperation with farmers and designed with focus on a short, low and compact design in combination with high technology electronics and user friendliness”, says Alexander Sassenberg, Director Sales & Marketing. With the new tank design the valve panel has been re-designed for more user comfort. The tank outlet is close to the pump and short hoses are used to minimise rest liquid. iXclean Pro is the next generation of the well-known automatic valve management system from Kverneland. This means that all functions can be controlled from the cab. Switching between filling, agitation, spraying, diluting, priming, rinsing and tank cleaning is extremely easy: just push a button!

The iXtrack T3 has one central frame which is made out of heavy duty steel, also known as High Strength Low Alloyed, that has higher flexibility and durability to withstand the impacts of modern farming with higher driving speeds in the field as well as on the road. The frame is now riveted instead of welded, which leads to a very strong and robust construction. The sprayer has a low centre of gravity and compact dimensions for higher working speeds, safe transportation and easy parking in the barn.

Always Suspended Parallelogram
The iXtrack T3 is equipped with a smooth, suspended parallelogram that is active when in the field and in transport. The parallelogram combines optimal stability with soft boom balancing and limited vertical movement to minimise spray height deviations, securing correct crop coverage. In transport position HSA aluminium or HSS steel spray booms fold away nicely over the new tank design and far away from the tractor cab. This results in a transport width of 2,55m and a height of only 3,20m that together with the low gravity point provides excellent stability.

The iXtrack T3 is equipped with ErgoDrive headland management as standard, to activate boom functions and steering by one push on the button. With the optional GEOLIFT® function on the IsoMatch Tellus PRO terminal this can even be fully automated based on the GPS position.

The heavy duty HSS spray booms from 18-30 metre are available on the iXtrack T3. The HSS spray boom profile combines a minimum of weight with maximum strength and stability. The high tech HSA 21 or 24 metre aluminium boom protects the nozzle holders efficiently within the bottom profile and are designed for easy cleaning. Aluminium bonding instead of welding saves on weight and has remarkable strength.

Steering in the Right Direction
With the adjustable axles, the track widths are easily changed in 5 centimetre steps over the full range from 1,50 to 2,25m.To contribute to the excellent stability, also in hilly conditions, the iXtrack T3 offers axle steering instead of drawbar steering usually seen in this segment. The single central frame and special shaped parallelogram arms create room for up to 1,9m high tyres and allow a maximum steering angle of 32 degrees. This ensures maximum steering possibilities with a tight turning radius even on 1,50m track. The combination of small, but high tyres is ideal in row crops to reduce soil compaction. The drawbar is easy to change from top to low linkage or the other way around, depending on the linkage point of the tractor. Flexible and stable on the road as well as in small and hilly field conditions!

High Technology Electronics for More User Friendliness
The iXtrack T3 series is 100% ISOBUS compatible as standard, which means easy plug and play with the IsoMatch Tellus GO or PRO or any other certified tractor terminal. The newly developed iXspray hardware and software with intuitive touch interface guarantees an user friendly operation of the sprayer. The new IsoMatch Grip adds control to the fingertips for easy control of the sprayer. Up to 44 functions divided over 4 modes can be programmed to cover all spraying needs, and because the functions can be programmed freely, a customer can start with basic functions and add functionality on demand.

The IsoMatch GEOCONTROL application is available as an option on the IsoMatch Tellus GO or PRO terminals. In combination with a GPS receiver, it fulfils the needs in terms of easy, smart and efficient farming. The iXflow spray line recirculation system with pneumatic or electric nozzle control creates a fast-reacting spraying system, well suited to higher spraying speed and automatic functions with GPS. GEOSPRAY® individual nozzle control will be available as an option from spring 2018.

IsoMatch FarmCentre for Maximum Overview
IsoMatch FarmCentre is the telematics solution from Kverneland supporting data exchange between “field” and “farm”. Besides real time tracking of fleet movements and analysing machine data, the precision farming benefit lies in remotely managing tasks like application maps for a sprayer. For example a farm manager or crop advisor can send a variable rate

task via the FarmCentre web application to the terminal in the tractor, where the operator can then simply start the task directly in the field. Once the work is done that same task can be sent back to the web application for documentation or reporting purposes, giving complete control and overview of the business. Additionally if the sprayer should encounter an error or breakdown an alert will be sent directly to the FarmCentre web application, so quick action can be taken remotely.

The iXtrack T3 offers versatility to fulfil the customer requirements of a spraying job today and tomorrow. This sprayer has it all! 

3. November 2017