Perfect seed bed preparation with the Kverneland H series

The Kverneland H series prepares a fine seed bed for the sowing of maize and sugar beet.

The Kverneland H series is the robust medium-sized power harrow for effective operation.

Kverneland-H series-field top_0001

By using a double skin section for the trough, it has been possible to increase its strength, making it self-supporting, without increasing the weight whilst keeping a clean and tidy design. Of course important features like the rotor distance of 25cm, the double conical bearing and the modular tine carrier have been kept.

The Advantages:

  • High reliability; horizontal transmission self-supporting frame for increased strength and weight reduction
  • Improved centre of gravity for reduced lifting capacity
  • Unique features – the H-series, like all Kverneland power harrows, works with 4 rotors per metre of trough
  • Max. versatility – easy and simple combination with all types of seed drills (integrated or via triangle)
  • Optimum performance and low power consumption is achieved by the closer inter-tine carrier distance (25cm) and helical tine drive layout
  • New tooth packer design with reduced weight (-60 kg on 3m) with maintenance-free bearings

27. November 2017